Stall Bars for Fitness and Rehabilitation

In today’s health and fitness environment, fitness enthusiasts of all levels are looking for interesting and alternative ways to stay fit. Trying to stay motivated to hit the gym every day for the traditional workout is difficult. Fortunately there are some new and exciting alternatives to the traditional gym routine.

Stall Bars Surging in Popularity

Stall Bars, also known as Swedish Ladders, have been around for years but are now having a huge resurgence in popularity as people are returning to calisthenics and bodyweight exercise methods. They are also understanding the true benefits of Stall Bars not only for fitness and preventative care but for therapy and rehabilitation. Stall Bars are an excellent way to stretch your muscles while also increasing your strength and mobility. Stall Bars offer a great alternative to ground work/drills with standing and hanging variations. They are a simple, self contained apparatus for overall fitness and improving strength using your own body weight. This is a big advantage for a home workout versus having to purchase a set of weights or various equipment for each exercise. Because Stall Bars have a slim profile and mount to most walls they take up much less space than weights and machines.

Stall Bars are very versatile and are perfect for beginners to advanced and for people of all ages. They are also a great tool for physical therapy, especially the Schroth Method for Scoliosis. The amount of exercise options and positions is endless.

Advantages of Stall Bars

Some of the other advantages to Stall Bars are the benefits of rehabilitation, body alignment, tendon strength, spine decompression and strengthening of your core
muscles. Unfortunately traditional weight lifting or weight machines may be more harmful than good in some of these cases.

As with any new exercise regimen I would suggest starting slow with basic movements. I would also suggest shorter exercise sessions starting with ten minutes and increasing by one to five minutes every week. Vary your workouts with strength, flexibility and mobility drills for a well balanced workout. You will be amazed by how great you start to feel even after a ten minute session! Over time you can increase the session length until it fits your needs and goals.

Now its up to you! Think outside the box and take a step towards your own health and wellness. If it’s not Stall Bars, find something else that gets you motivated and moving everyday, even if it’s for ten minutes!

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