Unused to Used in No Time!

Once loved and cherished, that piece of fitness equipment you bought however long ago, is now a piece of furniture, sitting untouched in your house. Do you even remember the last time you used it? Has is become part of the background, eyes moving past without even a thought? Or heaven forbid you do consciously see it and thoughts of, “Oh, I should be doing that” overwhelm? This is a guide to help you get back to the activity you once loved before!

  1. Use a calendar!
Schedule specific days and times to commit to your training! Start with one day a week if need be and work your way up to 4-5xs a week. If you never look at it though, this may not be the best option.
  1. Grab a friend!
Ask someone you wouldn’t mind spending an hour or so with to train with you! Having another person on board keeps you both motivated and more likely to keep your commitment to your training.
  1. Set somewhere new!
Leaving your unused piece of equipment out, in your way is a great way to give yourself a physical reminder of your neglected training. I understand this isn’t ideal for everyone with space issues, children, etc; however, even setting it in a different space can reprogram your brain not to look past. Plus, stubbing your toes may get you to start training again!
  1. Program a reminder on your phone!
Starting back up is hard! There’s no need to feel like you must start off with long sessions. Putting a reminder or alarm on your phone to go off once a day for you to train for 5 minutes is an excellent way to begin again.
  1. Film yourself!
I know, I know, some people are going to hate this one! If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over my years of training though, it has to be filming yourself will always benefit you. You can see where you need to make major or minor adjustments in your training. Videos are also fantastic for looking back over you progress as well! Seeing how far you have come is one of the best motivators.
  1. Treat yo self!
Incentives work, that’s why so many sales companies use them! If you can’t seem to force yourself to train, but you want to, create your own reward program. Want yourself a new piece of clothing? A camera? A cat? Keep track of your time put in and say, “Whenever I reach such and such number of hours I’ll treat myself with those new pants!”
  1. Log your sessions!
Writing down your training exercises will help you keep track of your training sessions and how often you are using certain drills and skipping others.
  1. Discover new goals!
Inconsistent training can often happen because there is no rhyme or reason to what we are training at the time. Going into your sessions with a clear plan and executing will not only progress you towards your goals quicker, but you will be able to give you something to works towards.

If none of these tools help you, I suggest looking at a new way to train or piece of equipment. We are human and allowed to change what we like to do. As long as you are happy and doing things that keep you healthy, there is no right or wrong way to train!