Purchase Oak Handstand Blocks for Yoga Inversions and Balancing Drills
Purchase Handstand Block Options: non-slip mat, 15 degree angle, 3 different sizes.
wood yoga blocks for beginner hand stands
Oak Blocks for Handstands and Acro Training
Wood yoga blocks with Beyond Balance logo
angled blocks for balancing
Oak Blocks for Handstands and Acro Training
side crow on wood yoga blocks
Oak Blocks for Handstands and Acro Training
wood hand blocks in small, medium, large
wood hand blocks in small, medium, large

Oak Blocks for Handstands and Acro Training

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Every purchase plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation! Plant yours today!

Blocks are a great training tool and helps the transition from the ground to canes. Ideal for alleviating wrist issues while improving strength, mobility and flexibility.

Sold as a pair.

Why do blocks make great training tools?
  • Block training allows for a better handstand “grip” and a great way to practice using your hands in inversions.
  • Using blocks leads to better handstand positioning in the shoulders and is a great tool for practicing hand-to-hand, acro yoga and other partner acrobatics.
  • Using blocks also helps reduce wrist and elbow pain and tendinitis not only in inversions but also in yoga positions such as plank holds. Continue your practice without being limited by pain.
  • Blocks can also provide many options for movement and exercises, whether they are beginner or advanced.
  • Our blocks are constructed using high quality wood which provides a smooth finish with routered and sanded edges. They are extremely durable for home or studio use.
  • Different sizes are available to satisfy all hand preferences.
  • Oak blocks are a hard wood, with a firm feel and a rich dark color (preserved with natural mineral oil).
  • Oak blocks are for beginner to advanced athletes and are suitable for stacking.
  • All blocks are handmade and thoroughly tested for strength and durability.


  • Laminated, solid
  • Preserved with food grade mineral oil. No lacquer applied so wood maintains it's natural wood feel and doesn't get slippery when moist and allows chalking.
  • Optional 3mm yoga mat
  • Optional 15 degree angle
  • Small: 6 X 3 ½ X 2 ¾ weight: 2 lb 5 oz
  • Medium: 6 X 4 X 2 ¾ weight: 2 lbs 13 oz
  • Large: 6 X 4 ½ X 2 ¾ weight: 3 lbs 6 oz
  • Handmade in Denver, Colorado.


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