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Wood Handstand Canes with 12 13 14 or 15 Inch Width Options and H Base Design
Wood Handstand Canes with 12 13 14 or 15 Inch Width Options and H Base Design

Wood Handstand Canes with 12 13 14 or 15 Inch Width Options and H Base Design

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Our largest base, it provides the most stability for all athletes. The H-Base canes allows the option to choose shoulder widths ranging from 12 inch to 15 inch.

Canes are a fun apparatus for advancing your hand balance practice. Beginner to advanced exercise helps achieve your inverted goals. Challenge your balance, elevate your shapes and improve your strength.

Why canes?

  • Canes are an amazing balance tool for handstand practice. Handstand blocks firmly attached to metal sticks allows for a bit more height in handstand practice.
  • Can I use canes even if I am new to handstands?
  • Absolutely. Canes are a great training tool for strength, balance and flexibility drills such as crocs, L-sits, shoulder expansions, etc.
  • If you are new to handstands, placing the canes near a wall when inverting is recommended and an excellent way to improve your practice.
  • What are the blocks on the canes?
  • Similar to our handstand blocks, these blocks are attached to metal sticks to elevate your inversions.
  • The hand-to-block grip allows for less wrist extension than being flat on the ground, minimizing wrist pain.
  • Blocks on the canes aid as a training tool for hand-to-hand, acro and other partner work.
  • Our blocks are 2 ¼ inch thick which prevents your fingers from wrapping underneath the blocks.


  • Solid oak canes preserved with food grade mineral oil, with laminated oak hand blocks. No lacquer applied so wood maintains it's natural wood feel and doesn't get slippery when moist.
  • Locally crafted in Denver, Colorado.
  • Height: 8 inch sticks (ground to top of block is 11 inch)  12 inch sticks (ground to top of blocks is 15 inch) 18 inch sticks (ground to top of block is 21 inch).
  • Dimensions: Base 24 X 24 foot print; Blocks 6 X 3 ½ X 2 ¼.
  • Quick assembly and dis-assembly with a Philips screw driver (base).
  • Thread locker applied to the hand blocks threads.  After the initial installation the sticks will unscrew at the base.
  • Optional 3 mm yoga mat can be applied to the bottom.