Buy Schroth Method Wall Bars Full View
Schroth Bar Manufacturing: Furniture grade Baltic Birch laminated wood and oval hardwood rungs
Stall Bars for Scoliosis: Full length front view
Schroth Method Wall to Bar Spacing: Header and wall plate
Side View of Schroth Method Stall Bars
Stall Bar: Top view and Hanging Bar with Beyond Balance logo
Schroth Method Wall Bars for Scoliosis Therapy: Oval dowel close up
Finger joint detail and wall to ladder offset view: Swedish Ladder for Schroth Method
Sweden Wall for Schroth: Side View Full Length

Wallbars Schroth Therapy for Scoliosis and Kyphosis

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Stall bars are an essential tool for non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.  Commissioned by one of the fields leading researcher and Schroth educator, Sanja Schreiber, PhD (, these bars are designed to meet the specifications for Schroth Physiotherapy.

Stall bars are a versatile and beneficial tool for calisthenic and body weight training which translates to scoliosis physiotherapy. Used for decades by gymnasts all over the world to improve flexibility, strength and mobility, this apparatus allows therapists to provide a hands-on approach to scoliosis treatment and teach their clients exercises and stretches.  Schroth Therapy Bars are easily installed on most walls which allows the client to have a set at their home or office.

Visit our FAQs to learn about mounting stall bars to your wall.



  • Furniture grade laminated 1" Baltic Birch uprights
  • Oval Hardwood rungs 1.25 x 1.63” profile, 6.875” center-to-center spacing (12 total) with 5.25" clearance between rungs, plus 1 offset pull-up bar. 4" clearance from wall-to-rungs.
  • All wood preserved with natural, food grade mineral oil. No toxic chemicals or lacquer applied so wood maintains it's natural wood feel and doesn't get slippery when moist.
  • 65" of clear space between wall plates to allow for a mirror to be mounted.
  • Locally crafted in Denver, Colorado using high quality materials.
  • CNC Machined: All parts are made to tight tolerances assuring a reliable fit and easy assembly with just a Philips screw driver (about 15 minutes to assemble. Cordless drill or impact is recommended).
  • Dimensions: 90” tall X 34 width X 9.25 depth.
  • All assembly hardware included. Wall installation hardware not included.
  • 350 pound static load limit.
  • 3 year warranty.