3 Scoliosis Exercises and Stretches You Should Know

3 Scoliosis Exercises and Stretches You Should Know

3 Scoliosis Exercises and Stretches You Should Know

Taking care of your scoliosis is essential and building up your bodily muscles is necessary to take the train off your spine. Be aware of a few scoliosis exercises and stretches you should know to manage your condition and develop your physical muscles. These can be quick exercises you can do around the home, making them easily accessible with very little set up.

Arm and Leg Raises

To strengthen your lower back and to spread out the weight load your spine needs to deal with, arm and leg raises are a common, quick, and easy exercise to get into. Lie on your stomach with your forehead touching the ground, then extend your arms over your head and rest your open palms on the floor; while doing this, keep your legs straight.

Next, raise your left arm and your right leg into the air, holding that position for about one or two full breaths. Set your arm and leg down but do it again with the opposing limbs; repeat this process about 15 times.

Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

To exercise your latissimus dorsi, stand up straight in a neutral position, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees somewhat bent. Then extend your hands over your head, grabbing your right wrist with your left hand.

Bend your body towards the right side until you feel a stretching sensation on your left side and hold position for one to two breaths. Return to a neutral position and do the same exercise but in the opposite direction.

Abdominal Press

Developing your abdominal strength is essential to take a lot of the pressure off your back, lightening the load your spine and back muscles need to carry. To accomplish a proper ab press, lie on your back flat on the ground, with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure you bend your knees, too; your feet should be close to your body.

Once you get into position, lift your legs with your knees still bent, and bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle. The essential part of the exercises comes next; you need to press your hands against your knees while at the same time pushing your knees against your hands. Maintain this pressure for three whole breaths and release, repeating the process for two sets of 10.

Get the Most Out of Your Exercises

It’s essential to know some scoliosis exercises and stretches, but there is also scoliosis exercise equipment to maximize your efforts. If you need to take your workouts to the next level, don’t hesitate to get the necessary gear.


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