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Featured Stall Bars


    Whether you’re looking for Pilates equipment to add to your workout routine or therapy equipment for scoliosis therapy, you can find it all at Beyond Balance. Browse our featured stall bars and other products at Beyond Balance to find professional scoliosis therapy, Pilates, and fitness equipment made in the USA. We carry Swedish ladder walls, PSSE physical therapy (Schroth, Rigo, BSPTS, SEAS), and Pilates push-thru and roll-down bars. All orders include free domestic shipping.

    Our featured stall bars are made of high-quality wood materials to maximize your comfort and ease of exercise. Browse our products below to learn more about each piece of equipment, or contact us today to help you find the ideal product for your exercise space.

    Therapists, Trainers, Studio/Clinic Owners: Contact us for a discount!