Our Story

Beyond Balance, founded in Denver, Colorado, is the classic story of the founder turning his passion into a business. Daniel started yoga in January, 2016 in an effort to relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pains that were the result of a lifetime of injuries. Within a few months his pains subsided and in the process Daniel discovered inversions. His hand balancing journey formally began when he stumbled into handstand classes in December, 2016. In order to improve his practice, Daniel’s coach introduced him to stall bars (aka Swedish Ladder, gymnastic ladder, yoga wall, wall bars, and PSSE Ladder) for conditioning and injury rehabilitation and he soon made a set to mount in his garage.
After only a week on his homemade wood stall bars, Daniel decided he didn’t like the design, which was based on an in-expensive set manufactured abroad and commonly sold on-line. More specifically, the number of rungs and spacing between them was not sufficient for the variety of hand and foot placements he desired and the pull-up bar did not provide proper space from the ladder. His second set led to making a few more for some handstand friends. With increasing requests Daniel decided to actively sell his handmade products and a company was born in his garage.

In early 2020 Daniel was commissioned for two projects that required moving from handmade to professional. First, he was contacted by a leading Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercise (PSSE) Therapist to manufacture stall bars and other scoliosis therapy equipment such as wood benches, extension poles, lateral/hip braces, and knee/back support boards. Second, he was contracted to supply stall bars, parallettes, and other hand balancing items to a new adult gymnastics gym opening in Denver, CO.

As 2020 progressed and sales increased, the decision was reached to bring manufacturing back in house. In April 2021 a 5100 sqft facility was purchased and operations were relocated. A CNC router was procured in early 2021 and now all develop, engineering, manufacturing and testing is completed in our own facility.

Today our focus is on physical therapy equipment for scoliosis treatment and Pilates training. Our affordable products, like the exercises and drills they are used for, are simple and allow the client/patient or athlete to focus on their conditioning and therapy instead of learning how to use and maintain complicated and expensive equipment. The PSSE line for scoliosis and kyphosis therapy, a non-surgical option, are for clinics or home use; ideal for therapists and patients.

At Beyond Balance we believe in keeping it simple and fun: Turn your fitness from work to play!


Our goal is to develop simple products that utilize beautiful, quality wood that looks and functions equally well in the gym/studio, clinic, or home. We strive to reduce our environmental impact and actively participate in a tree replanting program with the National Forest Foundation. In addition, we use food grade mineral oil to preserve all our wood products instead of harsh chemical stains and lacquers. We package all our products with 100% recyclable cardboard and most products are packaged using biodegradable materials. At Beyond Balance we believe a healthy planet promotes a healthy body and mind!


Beyond Balance promises to give you the best products and customer service we possibly can. We manufacture our products in the United States. All products are designed, engineered and tested to withstand the rigors of gym, clinic, and home life.