Our Story

Beyond Balance, located in Denver, Colorado, is the classic story of the founders turning their passion into a business. Daniel started yoga in January, 2016 in an effort to relieve chronic back, neck, and shoulder pains that were the result of a lifetime of injuries. Within a few months his pains subsided and in the process Daniel discovered inversions. His hand balancing journey formally began when he stumbled into handstand classes in December, 2016. In order to improve his practice, Daniel’s coaches introduced him to stall bars for conditioning and injury rehabilitation and he soon made a set to mount in his garage.

Concurrently, Daniel started creating and trading circus apparatus for private lessons with his daughter’s circus coaches.  He was introduced to Estee, a professional athlete/trainer and handstand coach, who was interested in a set of canes.  While visiting in his garage to purchase canes, she fell in love with his products and joked that if she was selling them he wouldn’t be able to stay in stock. A few days later Daniel contacted Estee and a company was born.

Today they focus on fitness and Schroth Method physical therapy equipment, based primarily on gymnastic and calisthenics (body weight) training: stall bars, parallettes, and hand balancing equipment. Our affordable products, like the exercises and drills they are used for, are simple and allow the athlete or patient to focus on their conditioning instead of learning how to use and maintain complicated and expensive equipment. The Schroth Method line for scoliosis and kyphosis therapy, a non-surgical option, are for clinics or home use; ideal for therapists and patients.

At Beyond Balance we believe in keeping it simple and fun: Turn your fitness from work to play!


Our goal is to develop simple products that utilize beautiful, quality wood that looks and functions equally well in the gym or living room.  We strive to reduce our environmental impact and actively participate in a tree replanting program with the National Forest Foundation.  In addition, we use food grade mineral oil to preserve all our wood products instead of harsh chemical stains. We package all our products with 100% recyclable cardboard and most products are packaged using biodegradable materials.  At Beyond Balance we believe a healthy planet promotes a healthy body and mind!



Beyond Balance promises to give you the best products we possibly can. We hand make all of our products in Colorado. All products are designed, engineered and tested to withstand the rigors of gym and studio life.

There are many incredible athletes and numerous companies who create fitness and hand balance equipment, but ONLY at Beyond Balance do the owners combine professional engineering with years of coaching and fitness expertise! Beyond Balance’s partners, Estee and Daniel, bring together the unique combination of a professional athlete and coach with a Professional Engineer! This partnership creates products that are subjected to a rigorous design and a prototype-testing program that assures you have a safe, reliable product so you can focus on your training.

Each and every product is a special creation and isn’t released until perfect! All products start as a concept that Estee and Daniel determine the specifications for. Once specifications and details are defined (material, dimensions, load ratings, etc…) Daniel is responsible for all design and manufacturing. Prototypes are produced and well tested! Three levels of testing occurs before any product is released. First level of testing is done in shop with both Daniel and Estee. In the second level of testing the products are distributed between a few select professional affiliated athletes and coaches. Feedback from athletes and coaches refines the products design and additional prototypes are produced. In our third level of testing the products are introduced to a larger population through local affiliated studios; gymnastics strength training (GST), pole fitness, yoga, and circus, where they are used in regular classes by athletes of all abilities. Not only does this further test and validate the reliability of the products, but additional feedback by a larger pool of athletes allows the products designs to be refined prior to full production and distribution. We take pride in our products and work hard to provide excellent products and incredible customer service!