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Clinics and Therapist

Barcelona Schroth Physical Therapy School

Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School - North
America provides education for physical therapists on the treatment of
scoliosis and hyperkyphosis in adults and children. The school teaches the RIGO CONCEPTwhich is a state-of-the art, evidence-based model that is evolved from
the original Schroth Method. BSPTS-North America is the only school
in the US and Canada that is authorized to teach the Rigo Concept. Courses are
regularly available in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and California. Courses may
also be arranged onsite at hospitals and clinics (contact
for course hosting information). To locate a certified therapist near you, follow link to our Resource Page.

PT Directory

Active Spine Physical Therapy

Active Spine Physical Therapy,
located in North Carolina, specializes in Schroth therapy for scoliosis and
kyphosis. Patients here participate in individualized curve and age specific
training with the goals of improved quality of life, improved posture, pain
relief, and the prevention of curve angle increases. Adolescent patients here
have seen decreases in their curve angles. Gymnasts, other athletes, and other
people with spinal and hip injuries and pain also successfully rehabilitate
following treatments at Active Spine.

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Insight Yoga Therapy

Mary Ortenburger is a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Trauma/EMDR and Eating Disorder
Specialist and Consultant, and Certified Gestalt Therapist practicing in the
city of Claremont, CA. In addition to using more traditional modes of psychotherapy,
she founded and continues to operate a trauma informed yoga studio, where she
conducts body-based healing approaches with both clients and members of the
community. She is a Licensed TYIT Clinical Facilitator of the Overcome Anxiety
Program through the Sundara Academy, and is currently pursuing her C-IAYT, to
become a Certified Yoga Therapist.

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Coaches and Gyms

Club Calisthenics

Learn Calisthenics Skills with Follow-Along Workout Videos!

Learn a new calisthenics skill each month with workout video "modules" utilizing a combination of calisthenics exercises and free weights. Build a body that is incredibly strong and mobile with these follow-along classes that guide you through each day and each workout, step-by-step. Not only will you build incredible strength and mobility, but your strength may even unlock some incredible calisthenics skills like the planche, human flag, handstand push-up, pistol squat, front lever, back lever and more!

The ClubCal method is a total body strength program that will sustainably strengthen and mobilize your body's natural abilities.

Our All-Access Membershipn is currently only $15/mo (that's 60% off!). Use the link below to access!

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Coach Justin Lind

Justin is a former gymnast and mechanical engineer turned
coach and teacher. He specializes in gymnastics strength
training, kettlebells, and hand-balancing. His coaching is aimed at making you a better mover and more in-tune with your body while working toward your
specific goals. He offers remote private coaching and live workshops in both gymnastics training and kettlebell fundamentals. If you want to be stronger, more mobile, and develop gymnastics skills like handstands and levers, you might be a match. Friends of Beyond Balance are invited to a free call and free trial month of private coaching.



Physicality DC is a community of athletes and coaches formed around a shared passion for bodyweight fitness, sustainable health, and continuous self-improvement. We own and operate a fitness studio on the H Street Corridor in Washington, DC that provides world-class instruction and facilitates meaningful life change. It is our goal to continually lead, motivate, and inspire others by taking a genuine, focused, and compassionate approach to health and well-being.

We aim to achieve this vision by offering group classes and personal training focused on building strength and improving flexibility. Our coaches utilize methods drawn from a wide variety of athletic pursuits, including gymnastics, weightlifting, martial arts, and more. When you walk through the door at Physicality DC, expect to be greeted by others ready to work alongside you towards common self-improvement goals.

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Elizabeth Blanchard

Elizabeth is a kinesiologist, aerialist,
international instructor and performer. With an educational background focusing
on biomechanics with emphasis on developing personal movement, Elizabeth
focuses on proper body alignment for optimal sport performance and injury
prevention. As the developer of the EBFit Polers Online Training Program she
strives to help polers take the guess work out of their training so that they
can reach their goals safely and efficiently.