5 Alternative Ways To Use Stall Bars at Home

5 Alternative Ways To Use Stall Bars at Home

Stall bars are a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can help you stretch, strength-train, and increase flexibility. Have fun during your workout with a stall bar, also called a Swedish ladder. Consider these five alternative ways to use stall bars at home.


Pilates exercises strengthen your core, improve general fitness, and boost overall well-being. This low-impact form of exercise enhances balance and flexibility.

Stall bars add variety to your Pilates workouts and make it easy to customize the difficulty level. For example, rather than lying in a supine position as you do single-leg circles, use the Swedish ladder for a greater challenge. Grab the bar with an overhand grip, and while you hang, complete your leg circles as usual.


While Pilates focuses on developing your core strength, yoga places a greater emphasis on balance and flexibility. Stall bars develop flexibility so well that people with scoliosis use them to do Schroth therapy exercises. Stall bars can support you through many stretching exercises, such as the side plank and kneeling shoulder stretch, which open and stretch your shoulders.

Aerialist Strengthening Exercises

Another fun alternative way to use stall bars at home is for aerialist strengthening exercises. Many people think of aerialists as performers who do acrobatic movements above the ground, such as tightrope walkers or trapeze artists.

Today, people looking for exciting fitness routines have made pole exercises and aerial silk increasingly popular. Since you do Swedish ladder exercises while standing on the ground or lifted not far from it, this equipment can help you perfect your form and exercise the muscle groups you need to lift your body.


Barre exercises combine inspiration from ballet, yoga, and Pilates for strength training. Barre is a popular group exercise class, but you don’t have to be in the gym or studio to get a great workout. Use stall bars for support as you complete barre moves, such as allongée propellers, arabesque leg lifts, and attitude leg lifts.

Martial Arts Training

Strengthen your upper body and improve flexibility for your preferred martial art with stall bars. One of the most famous martial artists, Bruce Lee, is credited with creating the advanced core strengthening exercise, the dragon flag. You can do dragon flags, human flags, and other exercises at different difficulty levels that strengthen your abs, obliques, back, and shoulders.

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