5 Reasons To Add a Swedish Ladder to Your Home Gym

5 Reasons To Add a Swedish Ladder to Your Home Gym

A Swedish ladder, also called stall bars, can help you reach your fitness goals and have fun. Discover five reasons to add a Swedish ladder to your home gym.

Build Strength and Flexibility

Whether you’re starting a new fitness journey or taking your workouts to the next level, stall bars can build your strength and flexibility. Use your body weight to build strength in your arms and core, and modify your exercises based on your fitness level and goals.

Stretching on stall bars improves mobility in your hip flexors and back. Regular stretching can improve your comfort during daily activities and decrease the risk of exercise-related injuries.

Use It for a Range of Workout Types

Another reason to add a Swedish ladder to your home gym is to use it for various types of workout routines. Do yoga, Pilates, barre, martial arts training, and more with this versatile equipment!

The Swedish ladder is effective for everything from low-impact exercises to high-intensity workouts. Use the stall bars to improve your balance and coordination while doing your favorite exercises.

Save Space in Your Home Gym

You don’t have infinite space in your gym, and you don’t want to clutter the room with useless gear. A Swedish ladder is excellent because it’s not bulky and has many uses. Whatever your fitness goal, fitness level, or current exercise interests, you can use this ladder.

Mount the stall bars to a wall to save the most space. A freestanding Swedish ladder takes up minimal floor space if you can’t mount it to the wall. Unlike bulky machinery, the stall bar has clean lines that make your gym feel more open and welcoming.

Exercise on a Durable Apparatus

Quality stall bars are durable and have a long working life. At Beyond Balance, we craft Swedish ladders from poplar and beech wood. Precision CNC machining assures tight fits between the base, uprights, and rungs. Check individual products for maximum load weight ratings.

Beyond Balance Swedish ladders have enough space between the rungs for you to exercise comfortably. Choose oval rungs for a more agreeable hanging grip or round rungs for an even grip with all hand positions.

Great for Kids and Adults

Not only can you use stall bars for a range of exercises, but other members of your household can also use them! Anyone, from kids to elders, can use stall bars for workouts suited to their health.

Kids can use the stall bars for front support exercises, leg raises, and dead hangs. Elders can use the bars for similar exercises or gentle stretching to improve mobility. Consult with a licensed therapist or physician before starting a new exercise routine.

Get your equipment from Beyond Balance if you’re ready to improve your home gym. Our freestanding Swedish ladder is perfect for exercises performed seated or standing. Buy your new equipment today!

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