5 Reasons To Choose the Schroth Method for Your Scoliosis PT

5 Reasons To Choose the Schroth Method for Your Scoliosis PT

For many people, the Schroth Method is an excellent scoliosis physical therapy treatment. The method is customized by Schroth-trained physical therapists for each patient’s particular needs. Consult with your physician or a licensed physical therapist to learn about how the Schroth Method could work for you.

Schroth exercises can benefit patients of all ages who want to treat their scoliosis with therapeutic exercise. Learn the top five reasons to choose the Schroth Method for your scoliosis PT.

1. Improve Posture

You can use the Schroth Method to improve your posture. Scoliosis curves the spine to the side, which can cause you to lean forward and to the side. The greater the severity of the curvature, the more likely it negatively affects your posture.

Schroth exercises can help elongate and stabilize the spine, improving your posture. Good posture supports muscle, bone, and circulatory health. The Schroth Method begins the process of improving your posture by correctly positioning your pelvis.

2. Build Core Strength

The next reason you should choose the Schroth Method for your scoliosis physical therapy is that it builds your core strength. A curved spine affects other body parts by placing greater stress on some muscle groups and de-emphasizing other muscles.

When you use your muscles asymmetrically, it can lead to greater imbalance, pain, and weakened muscles. The Schroth method works to strengthen your core muscles and help you use your muscles in a more balanced way, creating greater symmetry and increasing your core strength.

3. Develop Better Breathing

With the Schroth Method, you’ll learn breathing techniques that help stabilize your spine. Under the guidance of a therapist, you’ll learn to expand your breathing into the concave curvature. Pressing against the curve helps to elongate your spine. Once you’ve learned how to use your muscles to control the expansion of air, you can use this technique to help improve and reinforce your scoliosis correction.

4. Grow Your Understanding of Your Body

Schroth Method therapy helps you understand how scoliosis impacts your body and how you can use your body to treat your scoliosis. You’ll learn stretching and strengthening exercises and corrective breathing techniques. You’ll heighten your awareness of imbalances in your body so that you can correct yourself and improve your posture and balance. This growing understanding of your physical self is empowering and a key part of success with the Schroth Method.

5. Reduce Pain

Finally, one of the best benefits of the Schroth Method is that it can reduce pain caused by scoliosis. Improving your balance, flexibility, and strength counteracts the impact of scoliosis. When you’re aware of your posture and breathing, and you have the knowledge and ability to make corrections, you improve your quality of life. Exercises tailored for you by a licensed therapist can give you tools to reduce the negative effects of scoliosis and help prevent curves from worsening.

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