5 Ways To Use a Stall Bar in Barre Class

5 Ways To Use a Stall Bar in Barre Class

Barre exercises combine exercises and principles of Pilates, dance, yoga, and strength training. These techniques can improve your endurance, increase your flexibility, and tone your abdominal muscles and glutes.

In barre studios, the versatility of stall bars, also called Swedish ladders, can help you complete your exercises. Get inspired with these five ways to use a stall bar in barre class.

Stretch Hamstrings

Your hamstrings are a group of muscles at the back of your thighs that help you control your leg movements. You rely on your hamstrings when you walk up stairs or squat. Prolonged sitting can cause your hamstrings to become tight and inflexible. If you have tight hamstrings, use the lower rungs of the stall bar to safely stretch them out.

Decompress the Spine

One of the best purposes for using a stall bar in barre class is to decompress your spine. As your day progresses, your spine compresses slightly from gravity. You can grip a rung, then hang from the bar to release tension.

As with all exercises, follow your instructor’s guidance on proper form. You should keep your core tight and your shoulders down to keep your body aligned.

Allongée Propellers

Stretching hamstrings and decompressing the spine are two of the most common reasons why people use the Swedish ladder. But you can do barre-specific maneuvers using stall bars, too. Doing reps of allongée propellers works your glutes, thighs, and core as you bend one leg deeply, lift your other leg, and hold your position.

Round Back

The round-back exercise gives you a fun and challenging workout that works your abdominal muscles. Ask your instructor if using the stall bar for this exercise is appropriate for you. If so, you can use this equipment to align your pelvis, stretch your hamstrings, and work out your core muscles. You’ll strengthen your body and relieve back pain.


Give your glutes and thighs a workout with the foldover move. Using the right form is the key to achieving results quickly and safely. Keep your arms strong and wide on the bar. Your lifted back leg should keep your spine in a neutral position.

One of the most common mistakes people make when doing a foldover is to have their elbows high, which strains the neck and shoulders. If you’re shorter, using the stall bars for a foldover can help you keep your elbows low.

As you can see, stall bars can help you achieve a phenomenal workout in barre class. Equip your facility with a freestanding Swedish ladder from Beyond Balance. This beautiful and durable wooden stall bar can help people increase their strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Contact one of our friendly customer service members for more information.

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