A Quick Guide to Pilates Stall Bar Exercises

A Quick Guide to Pilates Stall Bar Exercises

You might be surprised to learn that stall bars, also called stall ladders, are a great apparatus for Pilates exercises. But both stall bars and Pilates promote flexibility and strength, particularly abdominal strength. Use this quick guide to Pilates stall bar exercises to motivate your new workout.

Hanging Leg Circles

One of the most popular workouts on stall bars is hanging leg raises, and this exercise puts you in the position to perform hanging Pilates leg circles. This exercise builds the hip flexors and abdominal muscles.

Start from a straight hang position with your back facing the stall bars and your hands holding all your weight as you grip a rung. Pull your legs up so that they create a 90-degree angle at your hip. Then, bring your legs back down together.

Once your legs are down, separate them and bring them back up to the lifted position. Do as many leg circles as you can safely do while maintaining form.

Pilates Bar Cycling

Pilates bar cycling is a cardio workout. Lie on your back with your legs straight together on the floor, arms at your sides, and the stall ladder behind you.

Then, still lying down, grab a rung and lift your head so that the rung rests on your upper back. It will look like you’re in the middle of a sit-up with your hands on either side of your head holding the rung.

Lift your legs up off the ground. Use your abdominal muscles to pedal your legs in the air. Do this for your preferred number of reps.

Reverse Leg Lift

Reverse leg lifts improve hip mobility and strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles. Face the stall bars and place your hands on a rung at waist level for support. Standing straight, lift your right leg behind you.

Hold the position for a couple of breaths and keep your legs straight. Then, slowly bring the leg back down. If possible, do 10–15 repetitions with your right leg before doing the same exercise with your left leg. Do two to three sets for a great workout.

For a more intense version of this workout, after you place your hands on the rung, back farther away from the stall bars. Bend at the hips, keeping your hips square and your back straight.

Keep your left foot underneath your hip and raise your right leg behind you, then bring it back down again. Lift your leg when you exhale and bring your leg back down when you inhale.

As this quick guide to Pilates stall bar exercises shows, you can use stall bars for workouts of different intensities. And while stall bar exercises excel at building your abdominal strength, you can use the apparatus for whole-body workouts.

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