Benefits of Adding Wooden Stall Bars to Your Gym

Benefits of Adding Wooden Stall Bars to Your Gym

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves having versatile gym equipment, consider getting wooden stall bars. While people who do a lot of calisthenic exercises, such as gymnasts, are familiar with using stall bars, many people have never used them.

But stall bars offer you a range of challenging workouts that help you reach your fitness goals. Find out the benefits of adding wooden stall bars to your gym.

1. Strength Training

One of the best purposes of stall bar exercises is to build up your overall strength. A stall bar looks a lot like a wooden ladder running straight up against a wall. It’s such a simple piece, but once you apply workout techniques and your body weight, you’ll work out your muscle groups—especially your abdominal muscles, lats, and triceps. In fact, one of Bruce Lee’s signature exercises for killer abs was using stall bars to get into the dragon flag position.

2. Improve Flexibility

The next benefit of adding wooden stall bars to your gym is that you can use them to improve your flexibility. Stretching warms your body up for exercise, increases blood flow to your muscles, decreases your risk of injury, and helps relieve post-workout aches.

This means that even if you need to work your way up doing the more difficult strength training exercises, you can use the bars to stretch your lower or upper body. Stretch directly from the stall bars or use bands for more resistance.

3. Correct Alignment Issues

You can use stall bars to address your body’s alignment issues. Stall bars, also called Swedish stall bars, were invented by the Swedish physical education teacher Pehr Henrik Ling, who is also considered the father of Swedish massage. Today, physical therapists develop personalized exercises for people with scoliosis.

But back stretching can help relieve lower back pain for many people. One of the most common techniques is to grasp a bar and then hang freely to improve their spine’s alignment.

Improve your strength, flexibility, and alignment with wooden stall bars from Beyond Balance. Use this versatile device to enhance your overall health and well-being. Shop our selection today!

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