Differences Between Schroth and Fitness Stall Bars

Differences Between Schroth and Fitness Stall Bars
Differences Between Schroth and Fitness Stall Bars

The Schroth method stall bar can be a pivotal piece of equipment in therapy offices as well as chiropractor offices. From standard stretching and flexibility to scoliosis therapy, its benefits are worth the investment. In contrast, fitness stall bars can make a great addition to any gym. But what are the differences between Schroth and fitness stall bars? Let’s dive a little deeper.

Wall Clearance

One key difference between these two stall bars is their wall clearance. The Schroth method stall bar selected by Katarina Schroth, has a wall clearance of four inches. This is intentional, as it allows the arms to come through and behind the bars to allow for different exercises and stretches. Traditional fitness Swedish ladders will have less wall clearance thereby limiting the ability to place the patients are behind the rungs. At Beyond Balance we have adjusted our fitness bars so they also provide the additional clearance.


The rungs on a traditional gymnastics stall bar are round, which allows for 360 degree grip rotation but requires a certain amount of grip strength for use. In fact, improving grip strength is one of the many benefits of using a fitness stall bars. In contrast, a Schroth stall bar has oval rungs instead of round. This enables the palm of the hand to have a flat area for applying pressure which makes hanging easier on the grip and requires less strength, which is a common issue with scoliosis patients (weaker grip strength), especially younger patients. 

Center Wall Bracket

Lastly, many gymnastics ladders have a wall mounting bracket in the middle, whereas Schroth stall bars don’t. This provides an opportunity to place a mirror behind the bars. A mirror can be crucial to a patient’s monitoring of their form and alignment . The patient will be able to use the mirror to ensure their body is moving the way it should. This is why Schroth stall bars are a wonderful piece of scoliosis exercise equipment. At Beyond Balance we have eliminated the center wall bracket on our fitness bars to also allow a mirror to be mounted behind them.

Therapists and chiropractors enjoy the benefits of having Schroth stall bars within their clinic. Fitness stall bars are useful as well, but each of these stall bars serve their own purposes. Because of the differences between Schroth and fitness stall bars, you’ll want to choose the bars that will help you reach your goals best. Consider the wall clearance, rung shape, and center bracket on each of these bars. Additionally, consult with a professional if you intend to use these bars for medical purposes, as in part of a scoliosis treatment plan.

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