Dos and Don’ts of Designing Your Home Gym

Dos and Don’ts of Designing Your Home Gym

A home gym lets you enjoy the convenience of working out in a customized personal space. You can create a motivating home gym with careful consideration. Here are some dos and don'ts to remember when designing your home gym.

Do: Use Proper Flooring

Stable gym flooring enhances safety by providing a non-slip surface. It also protects your floors from damage caused by heavy equipment and high-impact exercises.

Rubber and vinyl flooring are two popular choices. Rubber flooring is highly durable, shock-absorbent, and resistant to heavy equipment, while vinyl flooring is cost-effective, durable, and water-resistant.

Don't Overcrowd the Space

Leaving adequate space between machines and exercise zones will prevent accidents and ensure you can move freely. A cluttered and cramped space can hinder movement and motivation.

Assess your fitness goals, and choose essential equipment that covers your needs. Use organizational tools, like a peg board, to hang accessories like resistance bands and yoga mats.

Tip: Include Multi-Functional Equipment

If you want to maximize your space, choose functional yet compact equipment. Stall bars with pull-up and dip bar accessories can save space in your home gym, and you can use them for various strength and flexibility exercises.

Do: Install Mirrors

The more you improve your view of yourself while exercising, the better. Mirrors make it easy to assess your form, and watching yourself in the mirror can motivate you to work harder.

Position mirrors where they provide the best visibility when exercising. Placing them opposite or beside windows maximizes natural light in the room.

They should be at a height and angle that allow you to see yourself from different perspectives. Full-length mirrors are useful because you can observe your entire body during workouts.

Don't: Ignore Color

A gym that looks great entices you to return and boosts your mood during workouts. Color and lighting are important in all areas of your home, especially the gym.

Wall color can help you set the mood. Red, yellow, and orange are energetic colors that can heighten your drive. Use red as an accent color, or focus on orange and yellow to create a lively home gym.

Blues and greens are soothing colors that create a tranquil workout space. Use these colors to calm your mind and build your mind-body connection.

Following these dos and don'ts of designing your home gym will make it easy to create a workout space you enjoy. For versatile and effective workouts, equip your gym with a stall bar workout station from Beyond Balance. Shop with us today for durable stall bars with a pull-up dip bar attachment.

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