How To Use Wooden Stall Bars for Pilates Training

How To Use Wooden Stall Bars for Pilates Training

Take part in challenging, satisfying Pilates workouts on stall bars to increase your range of motion, improve flexibility, and boost your strength. Discover how to use wooden stall bars for Pilates training.

Push-Through Bar: The Swan

Use the push-through bar attachment to do the Swan, overhead press, standing rows, squats, and more. The Swan strengthens back muscles and abs and improves spinal extension range. If you have back issues, this movement might cause pain, so ask your doctor before starting.

To do the Swan, lie on your stomach in a long line with your arms extended up by your ears. Keep your head and neck aligned with your spine, and keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Use an over-hand hold to grip the hanging push-through bar.

Holding onto the bar, arc your body upward. Keep your elbows close to your body, your head aligned with the spine, and your hips on the mat. Exhale as you release the arc and return your torso to the mat.

Roll-Down Bar: The Jackknife

The roll-down bar is another attachment you can use on wooden stall bars for versatile Pilates training. Use the roll-down bar for Swan, the jackknife, rollover, and chest expansion standing exercises.

Lie face-up with your head by the stall bars. Bring your legs toward the center of your body, with your hips slightly raised and flexed beyond 90 degrees. Position the bar behind your calves and hold the bar with either hand on the outside of your legs.

Keep your head and neck aligned with your spine, hips flexed beyond 90 degrees, and pelvis in a neutral position. As you hold the bar, bring your legs into the rollover position and keep your weight on your shoulders, not your neck. Then, bring your legs back to the original position.

Exercises Without Attachments

You can also use stall bars for flexibility and strength training without attachments. Popular Pilates exercises on stall bars include hanging leg circles and bar cycling.

You’ll find it more challenging to do leg raises on stall bars than on a pull-up bar. With the ladder’s rungs behind your back, you won’t be able to swing your body to gain momentum. Doing a strict hang while lifting your legs will strengthen your abs and hip flexors.

You can find heavy-duty wooden stall bars for your Pilates workouts at Beyond Balance. Use stall bars for challenging resistance training that only requires your body weight; shop today for Pilates stall bars and accessories.

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