How Using Dip Bars at Home Increases Upper Body Strength

How Using Dip Bars at Home Increases Upper Body Strength

A plethora of training options are available, making it challenging to choose the best exercises for a tailored workout routine. But dips are one exercise that should be a part of everyone’s workout regimen. Fortunately, you can easily perform dips at home. Read to learn how using dip bars at home increases upper body strength.

You Reap the Benefits of a Compound Exercise

Two categories describe the exercises you can do: compound and isolation. The latter focuses on training a specific muscle group, while the former works various muscles. When doing compound workouts, your body uses more muscle fibers, increasing metabolic demand.

Dip bars are an amazing compound exercise, as they simultaneously engage your tris, shoulders, and chest while keeping the core and leg muscles engaged. Doing dips, you will build your upper body strength faster than you would with isolated exercises.

You Can Add Weight

Whenever you feel it’s time to take it up a notch, you can add more weight and resistance to your dips. Even with just your body weight, dips are difficult, so you can imagine how challenging but beneficial they are when you add weight. You can add weight by placing a dumbbell or plate-carrying belt between your legs or wearing some weighted attire.

Dips Bars Are Highly Customizable

Added weight isn’t the only way to customize your dips. Consider leaning slightly forward to target your chest muscles. You can also stand taller and bring your hands closer together to focus on your triceps.

Altering the exercise’s form is as simple as adjusting the weight on an inclined bench machine. However, going with parallel bars is the safest bet if you don’t have previous experience doing dips.

Dips Are Better Than Push-Ups

Many folks opt for push-ups to build their upper body strength. We have nothing against push-ups, but they’re inferior to dip-bar exercises.

When you do dips, you’re working against your whole body weight and whatever you want to add. Conversely, you’re not supporting and lifting as much weight when you do push-ups. Adding weight to your push-ups is possible but not always convenient. In addition, push-ups don’t contribute much to improving the strength of your wrist muscles. Dips, on the other hand, stack and stabilize your wrists, reducing the risk of injury while doing other exercises.

Learning how using dip bars at home increases upper body strength proves their positive effects on your body. Whether it’s our adjustable pull-up dip bar attachment, parallettes, or stall bars, Beyond Balance has home exercise equipment that will give you a robust workout without messing with the gym!

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