The Common Symptoms of Scoliosis of the Spine

The Common Symptoms of Scoliosis of the Spine
The Common Symptoms of Scoliosis of the Spine

Scoliosis is a common problem that many people deal with, but the symptoms may go unnoticed for a while before an individual seeks help. Knowing the common symptoms of scoliosis of the spine can help you find the medical treatment you need sooner, saving you from having to deal with the condition on your own. Know the symptoms, and don’t hesitate to get the advice of a medical professional.

Changes in Your Walking

With scoliosis, the spine twists out of shape and can bring the hips out of alignment, affecting how the body moves in a multitude of ways. One of the most apparent ways scoliosis manifests is in how a person walks, changing their gait and affecting their overall balance.

Watch for increased difficulty with balancing, and make a note if one hand brushes against your body while the other doesn’t as you walk; that can be a telltale sign of scoliosis.

Decrease in Your Range of Motion

As the spine twists out of shape, it can affect your range of motion, stiffening your back and making it harder for you to bend. In your daily life, make sure you know whether you already experience this limiting motion or if you intentionally avoid situations in which you need to bend over.

Don’t push yourself too hard when bending; you’ll want to consult with your doctor before trying to bend beyond what’s comfortable for you.

Painful Back Spasms

Scoliosis affects not only the spine but also the muscles. The spine can put undue stress on the back muscles, making them work harder to compensate for the misaligned bones. Be aware of whether you regularly feel painful spasms throughout your back; this can be a sign of tense, overworked muscles resulting from scoliosis.

There are many ways that individuals can deal with scoliosis symptoms; one popular way is through freestanding wall bars. But before you decide to do anything, it’s essential that you first talk with your doctor to develop a safe, reliable treatment plan. Go into your medical visit knowing the common symptoms of scoliosis of the spine, and make a plan to get your condition under control.

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