The Different Uses for Swedish Ladder Wall Bars

The Different Uses for Swedish Ladder Wall Bars

Swedish stall bars have been in use since the beginning of the 19th century. The different uses for Swedish ladder wall bars make them versatile pieces of equipment to have in your home or gym. Enjoy the health benefits from the disciplined use of wall bars.


Stretching with a stall bar is different than doing so on the floor. It provides your mind and body with a sense of stability. When you can hold onto something, such as a rung, your mind senses stability and can fully relax. The different heights of rungs allow you to ease into specific stretches that can help your deep tissues. Using gravity and your body weight, you can push and pull away from the bars to stretch your hips, spine, shoulders, and other body parts. With a professional’s guidance, stretching on stall bars can prevent injury and enhance physical performance.


The stall bar provides versatility in strength training exercises as well. You can achieve an all-over body workout and build your strength. Furthermore, you can add a resistance band to your arsenal and open the door to even more workouts with the bar. Whether you want to do hanging leg raises and human flag holds or triceps and back exercises, the ladder wall bar will help you. Benefit your strength training routine and add a Swedish stall bar to your home or gym. 


People have used stall bars to help with scoliosis treatment for almost 100 years in Europe and are now finding their way into scoliosis therapy clinics in the United States. Most scoliosis curves bend right in the thoracic region and left in the lumbar region. Therefore, you must begin by elongating the spine to treat this. The goal is for the S-shaped spine to slowly become a straighter line. One helpful stretch for this is the semi-hanging stretch. Grab a rung at eye-level with your feet under the bottom bar. Slowly let your bottom drop towards the ground while keeping your forearms straight as they hold on. Breath and expand the ribs in this position. Feel your spine elongate and stretch. Of course, different individuals may need to do different things based on their personal needs. With a licensed therapist’s or physician’s help, this exercise and others can allow scoliosis patients to find pain relief. 

Invest in a Swedish stall bar to enjoy the many benefits that this piece of equipment provides. The different uses for Swedish ladder wall bars make them useful pieces of equipment to obtain. If you need any more information, contact Beyond Balance today!

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