Tips for Using Wooden Stall Bars at Home

Tips for Using Wooden Stall Bars at Home

When you’re working out at home, you can take the time to stretch on the floor or with foam rollers. However, what if we told you there was a better way to achieve maximum results? This is where wooden stall bars come in. Enjoy the benefits of these bars in the comfort of your own home with our tips for using wooden stall bars at home.

Decide on Your Purpose

Each stall bar has its own uses and adaptations. Some types focus on flexibility, while others feature accessories that help the user increase their mobility and overall strength. Their versatility allows therapists, fitness enthusiasts, and sport players alike to use the bars for their own individual purposes. Chiropractors are another type of professional who may have their patients use stall bars to increase their flexibility and reduce inflammation in the body.

You may have a specific reason for using wooden stall bars in your home, so customize yours for your specific needs.

Set Up Properly

Once you’ve decided on your main focus for your stall bar, you can set it up accordingly. To do so, first find an appropriate location. This can be your garage or basement—anywhere with enough space to flex your muscles and engage in your workouts. Once you’ve found an appropriate spot, it’s time to set up. Fortunately, our stall bars are designed to fit most wall spaces.

Keep in mind that standard installation requires wood studs on 16” centers. Newer stall bars may require steel studs for safe drywall installation. Brick or concrete walls will require special anchors if you can’t easily locate the studs. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with these installation techniques, call a professional.

Plan Your Exercise Ahead of Time

The beauty of wooden stall bars is their simplicity. However, gymnastics stall bars allow you to perform many different kinds of exercises, so if you don’t plan your workouts ahead of time, you may find yourself staring at the rungs and wondering what to do next. Plan your workouts in advance so that you don’t waste any time.

Decide on your purpose, set up ahead of time, and plan your exercises in advance in order to enjoy the many different purposes that stall bars can provide. Use these tips for using wooden stall bars at home and achieve the most benefits possible.

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