Top Ways To Increase Your Flexibility As You Age

Top Ways To Increase Your Flexibility As You Age

A lack of flexibility can cause pain in your muscles and stiffness in your joints. In contrast, maintaining flexibility makes it easier for you to continue doing your daily activities and enjoy life with less restriction.

Before starting new physical routines, speak with your doctor to know what’s best for your health. Find inspiration in this list of top ways to increase your flexibility as you age.

1. Stretching

When you’re flexible, your joints have a full range of motion. The ability to move freely depends on the soft tissues around the joint: the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Sometimes, flexibility diminishes due to a condition such as arthritis. But lack of flexibility often results from tightening of the soft tissue surrounding a joint.

You can regain flexibility with static and dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretching consists of holding a muscle in a stretched position, usually for 20-60 seconds. You perform these movements repetitively to loosen the muscle gradually.

You can perform these upper and lower body stretches on Swedish stall bars. Stall bars can help you regain and maintain flexibility. Ask your doctor or physical therapist for a customized approach.

2. Pilates

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise for building strength and flexibility. A regular Pilates routine can relieve aches and pains and increase your mobility. Pilates is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels, making it a beginner-friendly activity.

Pilates strengthens your core, enhancing your body’s balance and stability. Use Swedish stall bars during your Pilates exercises to improve your alignment, posture, and lower back strength.

3. Yoga

Another way to increase your flexibility as you age is to do yoga. In yoga exercises, you position your body and then hold the position.

Deep breathing techniques, called belly breathing, are important during yoga. Deep breathing engages your diaphragm, improving your posture and creating a calming effect. Stall bars can support deep, mindful breathing and yoga sequences.

Regain flexibility with Swedish stall bars from Beyond Balance. Our American-made equipment is suitable for sitting and standing exercises that build strength and range of motion. Shop today!

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