Unlocking the Benefits of Pilates With Wooden Stall Bars

Unlocking the Benefits of Pilates With Wooden Stall Bars

Pilates emphasizes body control, flexibility, and strength. Stall bars, also called wall ladders, are an exercise apparatus that can help Pilates practitioners achieve their goals. Learn how to unlock the benefits of Pilates with wooden stall bars.

Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion

Using wooden stall bars can improve flexibility and range of motion. Users can stretch and mobilize their joints by performing leg swings and spine twists, enhancing overall flexibility.

Like other popular Pilates equipment, stall bars support you as you lift and twist into deeper stretches. Whether you’re looking for a new routine or want to supplement your usual workout, you can use stall bars to make your exercises more effective.

Greater Strength and Stability

Another way to unlock the benefits of Pilates with wooden stall bars is to use the equipment for strength exercises. Gymnasts have used wall ladders for decades in calisthenics exercises that build muscle throughout the body.

Pilates exercises target the back, abdominal, hip, gluteal, and inner thigh muscles. These core muscles improve stability. Use stall bars for exercises that target specific muscle groups, such as hanging leg raises for an abdominal workout.

Advantages of Wood Over Metal Stall Bars

Wooden stall bars provide a natural grip that can help prevent slipping and improve overall safety. The wood’s texture can also create a more pleasant tactile experience, enhancing body awareness and control.

You can select wood stall bars with round rungs with, typically, a 1.5 -inch diameter or oval rungs. Round rungs provide a great grip for all hand positions. It’s important to consider that oval rungs can be more beneficial for people with smaller hands or weaker grip strength, which is common for people with scoliosis.

In contrast, steel stall bars come with only round rungs with a diameter usually at or under 1.25 inches. The shape of the rungs and the smaller diameter make steel less comfortable for most people.

Many people find wooden stall bars more aesthetically pleasing than metal ones. Poplar and beech wall ladders make beautiful additions to home gyms and Pilates studios.

Make fitness more fulfilling and fun with Pilates wall ladders from Beyond Balance. Our equipment can help you reach your fitness goals, whether that’s improving flexibility, strength, or alignment. Shop with us today for stall bars and accessories for Pilates.

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