What Is a Pilates Wall Tower and How Does It Work?

What Is a Pilates Wall Tower and How Does It Work?

You might have tried Pilates at least onceif you’re a fitness enthusiast. Pilates is a physical exercise system that builds strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. It is a low-impact exercise perfect for those who want to improve their muscle tone without putting too much strain on their joints.

However, you can elevate your Pilates routine with a wall tower. What is a Pilates wall tower and how does it work? We explain everything below.

What Is a Pilates Wall Tower?

A Pilates wall tower looks like a metallic frame attached to a wall with various components. It has two push-through bars, a roll-down bar, a leg spring, a footwork platform, and many other components, depending on the make and model. The idea behind using a Pilates wall tower is simple—it allows you to perform a wider range of resistance exercises to improve your muscle tone, core strength, and balance.

How Does It Work and What are the Benefits?

The springs in the wall tower provide resistance to your exercise, working and strengthening your core muscles in addition to your arms and legs.

Most activities on the wall tower call for a great deal of control and accuracy, which is great for improving your balance and coordination. Because it directs and supports your body during strenuous actions, employing a wall tower may also aid in improving your posture and alignment. Lastly, a wall tower may help you achieve your fitness objectives by providing a wide range of workouts.

Using a Pilates wall tower, in addition to your usual Pilates workout, offers several benefits. Its primary benefit is that it helps develop muscle strength and range of motion. Check out some of its additional benefits below!

Good for Beginners

Some exercise equipment can be intimidating to users who are unfamiliar with it. While a Pilates wall tower may look complicated, it is anything but that. Pilates wall tower exercises are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

You can tailor your workout routine depending on your fitness level and goals. For instance, you can use the push-through bar to target your upper back muscles if you’re aiming for better posture. Use the leg springs to improve your balance and stability if you want to work on your leg muscles.

Good for Your Mental Health

We cannot overstate the value of using a Pilates wall tower for mental health. Using a wall tower to do Pilates exercises promotes the mind-body connection that the practice is known for, making the practitioner concentrate intently on each action.

This meditative focus on the body in motion has effects like traditional meditation. In addition, consistent use of the wall tower helps build mental toughness by challenging the user with various workouts designed to test their limits. The confidence boost and general happiness that might result from finally getting the hang of these exercises is a welcome side effect.

After learning what a Pilates wall tower is and how it works, we understand that you might be itching to add one to your home, but space and cost might be a concern. Consider stall bar Pilates attachments by Beyond Balance. Commissioned by a Pilates instructor seeking an affordable and space conscious solution for her clients wanting to continue their practice at home. Beyond Balance’s Pilates workout equipment will help you get in your best physical and mental shape.

Implementing Pilates wall tower exercises into your workout routine can add a layer of resistance and fitness diversity that hand weights alone cannot match.

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