Wood vs. Metal – Which Stall Bar Is Right for You?

Wood vs. Metal – Which Stall Bar Is Right for You?

Your stall bar’s material can help you maintain the form you need to perform exercises successfully. Use stall bars, also called a Swedish ladder, to improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility. Compare wood and metal to find which stall bar is right for you.

Firmest Grip: Wood

Metal’s slick surface makes it trickier to get a firm and comfortable grip on the stall bars. And after you work up a sweat, it can become even more challenging to hold onto metal bars. Metal bars are also typically 1inch in diameter vs. wood which are typically 1.5”. The smaller grip diameter of steel can also make the grip less comfortable.

Opt for a wooden Swedish ladder if you want a more natural grip. Enhancing your grip can help improve your overall technique for exercises such as the human flag, pull-ups, and leg raises. A better grip can smooth transitions between positions, such as performing a muscle-up from a pull-up into a top position.

Swedish stall bars are also essential equipment used for the Schroth Method of therapy. With a firm grip on the equipment, people can complete their physical therapy more efficiently.

Highest Durability: Metal

When searching for the right stall bars for you, consider where you’ll place the equipment. Metal has higher durability than wood, is more moisture-resistant, and can withstand more weight. If you plan to use your stall bars outdoors, metal will require lower upkeep.

Wooden stall bars mounted indoors are highly durable. Professional gymnasts use wooden stall bars as body weight training equipment without issue. And quality manufacturing uses techniques to fit parts together precisely for a solid construction you can trust throughout your exercises.

Superior Feeling: Wood

Most people find that wood feels better to the touch than metal. When standing on a Swedish ladder, the metal’s hardness doesn’t feel as comfortable under your feet. And wood has a more mild surface temperature than metal. The more comfortable you feel throughout your exercises, the more you can focus on attaining your goals.

Another reason wooden bars tend to feel better than metal bars is the improved grip. You create friction on your hands when you slide around during weight-bearing exercises due to a poor grip. This repeated motion can cause you to develop uncomfortable blisters.

Beyond Balance offers poplar and beech rungs for their Swedish stall bars for gyms, homes, schools, physical therapy clinics, and more. Our beautiful and durable equipment helps people like you reach their health and wellness goals every day. Shop with us today for American-made stall bars.

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