Tips for Finding the Right Stall Bar for You

Tips for Finding the Right Stall Bar for You

There are several benefits of using a stall bar, and people may use them for different purposes. Read about these purposes and tips for finding the right stall bar for you. Stall bars have been used for centuries due to their many benefits, which include everything from stretching and strength to scoliosis therapy.


The stall bar you choose will depend on your purpose for it. Three common uses include stretching, strength training, and scoliosis therapy. The ability to twist and hang on the rungs allows the body to stretch with the help of gravity. Additionally, pushing and pulling techniques can contribute to your overall strength training. Of the tips for finding the right stall bar for you, this one will set the best foundation for ensuring you choose the right stall bar for you. 


Consider the size of your body, the stall ladder, and the rungs themselves. If your goal is to get whole-body benefits, you’ll want to purchase a ladder that’s both tall enough and wide enough to fit your frame. If you plan to have multiple people use the ladder at once, you’ll want to invest in an extra-wide one or purchase 2 and mount side-by-side. There’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze several people onto a small ladder at once. Using too small of a ladder means you won’t be able to achieve the full scope of the ladder’s benefits. Different rung heights and spacing will also allow you to ease into specific stretches and exercises. Be sure to select a ladder that has enough rungs to meet your needs.


Some stall ladders allow for the addition of accessories. This includes resistance bands, barre attachments, TRX straps, yoga sling or hammocks, dip bar handles, pull-up bars, and incline benches. When you are looking to purchase a stall ladder, you’ll want to choose one with these accessories in mind. If you purchase a ladder that is too short, you may not be able to attach a pull-up bar that is suitable for your height. Speak with professionals that can help point you in the right direction regarding what works best for your body type and what accessories you may need. And if you have more questions about stall bars, contact us at Beyond Balance today!  

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