Exercise With Professional Pilates Equipment

Whether you're new to Pilates or have practiced for decades, use our professional Pilates Stations, which has stall bars with push-through and roll-down bar attachments, to enhance your workout. Gymnasts have long used stall bars, also called a Swedish climbing ladder, to improve their flexibility and strength. And now you can use this apparatus in your studio or home to train Pilates.

Take a personal approach based on your fitness level and goals. Enhance mobility and flexibility with stall bar stretches. At the beginning of your workout, prepare your body for Pilates movements by making low- and high-C curves on stall bars. Use different techniques to stretch your shoulders, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and more.

Gently elongating your muscles with stall bars can improve elasticity throughout your body. Enhanced flexibility can improve your performance in day-to-day activities and other forms of exercise. Greater flexibility also decreases your risk of injury during physical activity. You can build strength with fun and challenging exercises you can tailor to suit your needs. Pilates movements target muscles in your abdomen, hips, glutes, inner thighs, and lower and upper back.

Pilates gym equipment enhances the efficacy of these exercises. Perform hanging leg raises on stall bars to improve your abdominal strength and enhance mobility in your hip flexors. Sharpen your coordination and strength with stabilizing, climbing, and hanging exercises.

Our Stall bars with push-through and roll-down bar attachments make the perfect Pilates Station by incorporating features from both the Pilates Spring Board and Pilates Tower The Swedish climbing ladder is not a fussy piece of gym equipment. But don't let its simple design fool you—not all stall bars are equally effective.

Beyond Balance's selection of stall bars has an optimal number of rungs and spacing between rungs for safe and effective hand and foot placement. Our 4” offset from the wall provides plenty of room behind the bars to mount mirrors and attach accessories. In addition, we offer oval and round rungs. Choose between a free-standing and wall-mounted Swedish climbing ladder to work with your gym's design. You can equip your gym with professional Pilates equipment today for a better workout.